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High-quality products and perfect sales service

Jinchuang boasts its advanced precision casting,machining and inspection equipment,including double-shot wax injection machines,disc wax injection machines,vacuum slurry dipping machines,automatic shell mold drying lines,high-frequency melting electric furnaces,processing centers,CNC lathes,combined machine tools for valves,sphere processing lines,CNC wire cutting machines,EDM machines,spectrum analyzers,metalloscopes,hardness testing machines,universal CNC material testing machines,magnetic defect detectors,valve shell testing machines and seal testing machines.

Our major products include ball valves,gate valves,stop valves,check valves,butterfly valves,filters,special valves,food-grade valves,quick disconnect couplings,pipe fittings,special castings,workpieces,polishing pieces and alloys(304,316,304L,316L and WCB).Valve specifications:DN8-DN200,pipe fitting specifications:DN6-DN150,quick disconnect coupling specifications:DN15-DN150,maximum size and weight of castings and workpieces are 800MM and 80KG.